A little bit about who we are

What is Accessibility?

If you ask an average web developer or web designer about accessibility, you’re likely to get an answer along the lines of “Accessibility means making a website usable for people with disabilities.” That’s not wrong – but it’s just a fraction of what true accessibility is all about.

Accessibility is usually defined rather narrowly either in terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act (or similar laws in other countries) or in terms of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Instead, I like to refer to it as inclusive design – meaning designing and building things in such a way that nobody is left out. Rather than focusing on making a website work for people with disabilities, we focus on making a website work for everyone – regardless of their capacity, their environment, or the device they happen to be using.

When we change the way we think about inclusive design, we open up a whole world of possibilities. We stop rushing to solutions that only work for some and focus on really solving the problems we’re facing. Inclusive design means equal access for all.

Interested in Working with Us?

If you think we might be a fit for your project, reach out! We’d love to chat with you about your project and how we can help.

Our Mission & Purpose

Natalie MacLeesI’m Natalie MacLees, founder of Digitally. In 2008, I was working at a large web development agency. We had about 50 employees and our minimum project budget was $50,000. I knew that a $50K budget was simply out of reach for most small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

I set to work envisioning a new kind of agency – one with experienced, professional designers and developers, but with affordable overhead to keep prices reasonable. Rather than full time staff coming to an office every day, we hire independent freelancers who work from home.

In 2009, I started Purple Pen Productions. And over the first 10 years of running that business, I realized that there was a need for accessibility and inclusive design in the small business and nonprofit space. There were lots of accessibility consultancies and accessibility-focused design and development agencies, but they were all focused on enterprise, government, and education.  Just like that big agency I used to work for, their pricing was out of reach for small businesses and nonprofits.

Digitally’s aim is to put digital accessibility and inclusive design within reach for small businesses and nonprofits. We’re using everything we’ve learned from 10 years of building websites for small businesses on a budget into helping small businesses ensure that their websites are accessible for everyone and are compliant with accessibility guidelines and laws.