Audits, Monitoring, and Remediation

Checking, monitoring, and fixing a website you already have

What if I already have a website?

If you already have a website that you’re happy with, great! We can help you to make sure that website is compliant with digital accessibility standards and stays that way. Here are three services we offer that can help.

Get a quick and clear picture of how accessible your website is with our free mini audit. The mini audit includes up to five pages of your existing website. We’ll create a report of the items that need to be fixed and review it with you to make sure that you understand each item. There is no cost or obligation.

Accessibility Audits

First, we’ll work with you to determine your accessibility goals for your website. Each business, organization, and target audience is different, so we’ll help you determine what level of accessibility is appropriate for your website. Then we’ll conduct a full assessment of your complete website, page by page. We’ll craft a plan for getting those issues addressed and make recommendations on changes you can make that will ensure that the website stays accessible going forward.


Accessibility Monitoring

If you are making regular or frequent changes to your website by adding new blog posts, adding events to a calendar, sharing the latest news, etc. then each change you make has the potential to introduce an accessibility error. We can monitor your site on a regular basis – weekly, monthly or quarterly – and provide you with ongoing reports that let you know if anything needs to be fixed. It’s easy to accidentally introduce an accessibility problem. Once you’ve made the investment to have an accessible website, it makes sense to protect and maintain that investment going forward.


Accessibility Remediation

Once you’ve gotten an accessibility audit done (by us or by someone else), now you’ve got a to do list to tackle to bring your site into compliance with accessibility standards. We can help. We’ll work through the items founds on your accessibility audit to make sure each one is addressed and will test each page again to make sure that we’ve caught every issue. This is a great way to keep a website that you’ve invested in while still bringing your business or organization into compliance with digital accessibility guidelines.

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